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  • The Importance of Door & Window Hard

    Hinge, hinges, hinges and other hardware in these doors and windows may be overlooked by many people, but the quality of hardware will affect the hardware and accessories to the normal use of doors and windows, then how they affect it?...

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In the fierce market competition, Huaxin adhere to the people-oriented, realistic and innovative, and gradually condensed into a consensus. And then sublimation to Huaxin spirit. Huaxin spirit of cooperation, teamwork, emphasizing honesty, self-criticism, emphasizing the improvement in the work.
Enterprise strategy: to become the market of Shandong hardware products manufacturing supply chain leadership brand
Corporate philosophy: professional focus on sincere service
Entrepreneurship: professionalism, integrity, teamwork and innovation
Business philosophy: to consumer demand-oriented, for enterprises to provide the best windows and doors solutions
Quality concept: not the best only better
Development concept: people - oriented realistic and enterprising
Action concept: brainstorming teamwork