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  • The Importance of Door & Window Hard

    Hinge, hinges, hinges and other hardware in these doors and windows may be overlooked by many people, but the quality of hardware will affect the hardware and accessories to the normal use of doors and windows, then how they affect it?...

    date:16-11-24 Views:191
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  • Door and window hardware accessories is not "five kinds16-11-24

     Door and window hardware to many people the impression that there are five parts assembly, in fact, doors and windows hardware accessories only doors and windows of a call, do not mistakenly believe that only five components. ...

  • Building energy - saving doors and windows curtain wall seri16-11-24

    Building energy efficiency, doors and windows first. With the national building energy standards continue to improve, the emergence of doors and windows curtain wall system as the inevitable product of the development of the industry. At present, Euro...

  • Door and window hardware lock is a security guarantee16-11-24

    The use of doors and windows lock is related to our lives, it is about our security. Door and window hardware lock security you know it! Here to see the hardware and the door and window security:...

  • Plating handle how to rust?16-11-24

    For the door and window handle our most common problem is rust, doors and windows handle is to use more, because many times when the hands are more humid will appear rust. The following look at how to prevent rust plating:...

  • Door and window hardware manufacturers - doors and windows h16-11-24

     As more and more people living standards of furniture are increasingly demanding, but for the good and bad hinge of the material directly affect its service life. So for the door and window hardware hinge material you choose right? Door and window ...

  • Home decoration hardware accessories how to choose?16-11-24

    Home decoration in our life use more, then for home decoration hardware accessories how to choose, home decoration hardware accessories directly related to the service life. Then the choice of home decoration hardware accessories Let's take a look at:...