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To enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, expand business visibility, the establishment of a good product reputation, establish a good corporate image. We have the spirit of "all the pursuit of high-quality, customer satisfaction for the purpose of" the spirit, in strict accordance with the requirements of the contract and product specifications to provide users with integrity services to meet the individual needs of users. "Professional, integrity, high quality" principle, solemn commitment to the user.
First, product quality commitment
1. Product manufacturing and testing are quality records and testing information.
2. The performance of the product testing, we carry out the entire process of the product, all performance checks, to be confirmed after the product shipped.
Second, the product price commitment
1. In order to ensure high reliability and advanced products, materials selection are carefully selected.
2. In the same competitive conditions, our company is not to reduce the technical performance of products, changes in the cost of products based on the components, in good faith to provide customers with the best lowest price.
Third, commitment to delivery
1. Product delivery time according to customer requirements, if there are special requirements, to be completed in advance, our company according to the production of special organization of production, installation, and strive to meet customer needs.
Fourth, after-sales service commitment
1. Each service personnel in the implementation of after-sales tasks must adhere to the principles and are willing to accept customer supervision.
2. After-sales service personnel emergency needs of customers, in strict accordance with the requirements of customers to complete high-quality service tasks, to answer customer questions, and actively provide a variety of solutions for customers to choose, so customer satisfaction.
3. All-weather, non-holiday services: the company's after-sales service department is equipped with special maintenance vehicles, the warranty period, the customer received a fault call or written notice, the company will rush to the scene as quickly as possible troubleshooting.
4. Service personnel with professional quality and flexibility to quickly solve practical problems, and strive to complete the task in the shortest possible time, try to deal with failure is not the next day to reduce customer inconvenience and loss.
5. The customer's suggestions and complaints must be done one by one registration, seriously. In the shortest possible time to answer customers. If not satisfied with the customer, continue to take measures or report to the parent to deal with until the customer satisfaction. And criticized the education of the complainant, serious punishment, and ordered to apologize to customers.
6. Regular return visit to customers, humbly accept the views and suggestions of customers as a basis for improving the work and continuously improve service quality.