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Door and window hardware and accessories to determine the de

Article Source:en.qlhxwj.com   Author:Huaxin editor   release time:2016-11-24 12:46   Views:

China's doors and windows hardware accessories business number, but the majority of small-scale, low concentration, backward equipment, is still a small workshop in the form of production enterprises. Difficult to form the concept of the system, need to be resolved.
In many exhibitions, we have seen many well-known companies of the doors and windows, looks quite good, electrophoretic aluminum, and even fluorocarbon spray of aluminum, the configuration of insulating glass, colorful, diverse styles, but not flexible, shaking big, unreasonable configuration . This is the hardware does not attach importance to the results.
At present, China's urgent need to improve the performance of doors and windows and production process, as soon as possible with international practice. Which requires the doors and windows as soon as possible to improve the technical level of hardware accessories, the concept must be to raise awareness of the hearts of the door and window hardware accessories supporting position as soon as possible to an important position. Only in this way can we really improve the performance and function of windows and doors.
Then the real doors and windows hardware accessories should have what kind of function? In addition to meet the physical properties of doors and windows, mechanical properties, but also meet the following conditions:
One is easy to operate, a single point of control, by changing the position of the handle handle to achieve a variety of open function;
Second, standardization and serialization, so that doors and windows enterprises and construction companies to quickly install;
Third, adjustability;
Fourth, strong bearing capacity;
Fifth, high security;
6 is widely used;
7 is applicable, high-quality specifications.
High-grade doors and windows hardware accessories In order to ensure the quality of doors and windows, the basic use of precision molds, a higher degree of automation of manufacturing, materials meet the strength of the premise, to stainless steel, aluminum alloy, zinc alloy, high-quality engineering plastics. Some plants in order to covet cheap, the use of ordinary carbon steel to produce, the results of a few months, began to rust. What is more, only one interest, free to change the material and configuration, to the doors and windows to leave a serious security risk.