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Door and window hardware manufacturers - features inside the

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  Doors and windows hardware doors and windows of the service life is longer, so the choice of doors and windows hardware is extremely important, the following look inside the windows and doors within the hardware features open window: open inside the inverted window is open to the interior can be inward hanging sash ventilation Door and window system, widely used in Europe, is different from the American window and outside the window, open the inside window is through the operation of the sash handle handle to drive the corresponding movement of the hardware drive, so that the sash to indoor open or indoor Dump open a certain degree of ventilation.

Product Features:
1, ventilation. Because the inverted position is another way to open the window, so that the room with the natural flow of natural air, indoor air fresh, and ruled out the possibility of rain into the room. Fresh air is undoubtedly for people to create a comfortable living environment.
2, security. Sash near the layout of the linkage hardware and handle the various functions in the indoor operation, close the sash when the window is fixed on the window frame, so excellent security and anti-theft performance.
3, easy to clean windows. Simple operation linkage handle, you can make the outside of the window to the room. So that the outer surface of the washing window is both convenient and safe.
4, practicality. To avoid the open window within the occupied indoor space, inconvenient hanging curtains and hanging clothes hanging rod.
5, sealed insulation performance. Through the sash around the multi-point locking to ensure that the doors and windows sealed, thermal insulation effect.
Windows not only let light and air into the room, it also plays a role in communication. People first saw the window with only a glass frame, but the window itself contains a lot of technology, after numerous switch, flip, only to show the true meaning of the window.
Will be ordinary within the window through the replacement of hardware to upgrade to European within the open within the inverted window, easy to open, it is easy to use, especially within the inverted function, that is able to ventilation, and wind, saving indoor space, , But also a very good extension of the hardware life.
In addition to a good window to ensure the integrity of accessories, accessories, quality is also essential. Good accessory is to ensure that the windows durable and safe and reliable important prerequisite. At present, the main doors and windows have a variety of high-quality windows and doors accessories, window locks, tops, plastic strips, glass and plastic doors and windows and other hardware accessories.