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Door and window hardware accessories damaged specific perfor

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Hardware accessories fixed is not strong, loose off, pulleys, sliding support hinges and other damage, opening and closing is not flexible. Caused by hardware damage reasons: improper selection of hardware accessories, poor quality; fastening without setting the metal liner, not enough installation strength. Jinan broken bridge aluminum doors and windows technical staff to tell you to prevent damage to hardware measures:
1, the choice of hardware accessories model, specifications and performance should be consistent with the existing national standards and relevant provisions, and with the selection of steel doors and windows to match.
2, the width of more than 1 meter of the sliding window, or installation of double glass windows and doors, should set a double pulley, or use the rolling pulley.
3, sliding support hinge shall not use aluminum alloy, stainless steel should be used.
4, with fastening screws to install hardware, must be equipped with metal liner, liner thickness should be at least greater than twice the fastener teeth. Do not fasten on plastic profiles or use non-metallic linings.
5, hardware accessories should be the final installation, doors and windows locks, handles, etc. should be in the windows and doors into the box after the assembly to ensure the correct position, switch flexibility.
6, after the installation of hardware to pay attention to maintenance, to prevent rust corrosion. In the daily use to light off lightly to prevent hard open hard to open, causing damage.
The use of doors and windows and doors and windows are on the other, so in our lives should pay attention to its use, so as to make windows and doors and windows and doors to use more time, and the need to customize doors and windows and so welcome to my company, my company specializes in The use of doors and windows hardware accessories.
I passed ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system certification, product quality supervision by the State Department of detection, the indicators are better than similar products, the use of modern equipment production, and constantly improve the update and development of new products. Huaxin doors and windows hardware system from design and surface treatment are based on a high starting point, high positioning, high standards for the center, the product fully consider the trend of human space design, compact structure, convenient operation, advanced technology. Fully automated production equipment, product serialization, the process of advanced, standardized management, and other operating system.