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Door and window air tightness is affected by the doors and w

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  Door and window sealing performance of the impact of many types of doors and windows hardware; in accordance with the sealing performance of doors and windows to classification, can be divided into two categories: multi-lock point hardware and a single lock point hardware. Door and window hardware on the doors and windows of the role of air tightness should cause enough attention to the windows and doors enterprises.

When the doors and windows are locked, the lock points and lock seats are tightly fastened together to cooperate with the hinges (hinges) or the sliding brace to produce powerful So that the sealing strip elastic deformation, thus providing adequate sealing performance of doors and windows, so that the fan, box formed one; therefore, the multi-lock point hardware and components on the door and window sealing a lot of benefits, can greatly improve the sealing performance of doors and windows . The single-lock hardware produced by the sealing performance is relatively much worse, because the single-point lock can only provide a single point on the door and window side locking, and the hinge (hinge) or sliding support can only produce 3, 4 locking points, resulting in doors and windows have four corners in the unconstrained state, therefore, from the two unconstrained angle to the gap between the lock points, seriously reducing the sealing performance of doors and windows.
To the hand side of the lock point arrangement as an example: set the window width B, window height H, sash bending stiffness E × I, divided into single-point, two points, three points (three points Side is not less than 0.1mm), according to the mechanical formula were given sash handle side in the sealing direction of the maximum deformation value.
It can be seen: the use of three key points have been greatly reduced after the deformation of doors and windows to improve sealing performance.
Of course, to meet the strength and sealing requirements under the conditions, should not be used too much lock points; otherwise it will cause waste.
Similarly, the use of doors and windows in the hinge, most of the process in the use of the hinge position need to cut off the sealing tape to use; and this part of the installation of the hinge caused by the impact of air tightness we have no In fact, due to cut off the sealing strip and the resulting gap penetration of the negative effects of energy are basically we all turn a blind eye.
Door and window hardware is the inner door of the soul, including handle, lock body, hinge, etc., they are small, the role of major. The key to the life of the door is "hardware" maintenance.
Stainless steel handle and stainless steel Other "hardware" can be used brightener wipe, can add light.
Hinge, casters, casters and other moving parts in the long campaign may be due to the adhesion of dust and reduce performance, every six months or so points, two drops of lubricants can maintain its smooth.
Special attention should be paid to the direction of rotation handle stretching, avoid death force. In particular, to educate children, do not hang in the door handle on the swing, both prone to danger and may cause damage to the inner door.