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Door and window hardware - door lock maintenance?

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  Door and window hardware in our lives is relatively common, but also the use of more doors and windows hardware door locks to make our lives more environmentally friendly. Door and window how to carry out the maintenance of hardware locks, doors and windows hardware locks Let's see how to carry out maintenance:

1, the door is not good switch, spray some lubricants on the oblique tongue.
2, some lock the heart is not refueling, (very few), such as child beads lock heart.
3, the door can not be too large, easy to poke and shake sound.
4, the key is not good to insert or out, spray some light lubricants, (such as w40) can not be too thick oil will not be active.
5, anti-theft door with flower lattice-type, anti-iron wire is used to open the hook automatically open the lock lock to pull the lock, the door opened.
6, lock the heart not to rain. Flushing, because there is a small spring rust failure is not flexible.
7, do not use the key directly open the door, the key to open the door lock, lock heart did not return to the original position directly pull the key to open the door, the lock did not take long to protest with you say goodbye.
8, the locomotive key not a long list, together in series, the locomotive in the run, the key will increase the weight of wear and tear shaking lock heart, a long time the key will slide out.
9, automatic locking (three. Four. Five) to some micro-gap can not be too tight, (such as when required to open the door to open the door) easy to break bad.
Door and window quality is a series of complete quality assurance system to determine the production of windows and doors must pay attention to every aspect of the production system engineering, in particular, to fundamentally change the contempt for the hardware accessories.
Doors and windows hardware accessories in the western developed countries are capital and technology-intensive industries, and our country is widespread lack of funds, technology is weak, still belong to labor-intensive industries.