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Door and window hardware - handle lock structure

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  Door and window hardware is more common in our lives, doors and windows of the advantages and disadvantages of the quality of the hardware related to the pros and cons of doors and windows, doors and windows for the use of metal handle is more, and understand the door and window hardware handle, first of all to understand its durability As well as its characteristics, so as to allow the use of a longer time.

The first part: handle
Aluminum, stainless steel, plastic, wood, ceramics, etc., are now commonly used on the market are zinc alloy door handle material, because of its excellent plasticity, can be designed into more than one, the door handle, zinc alloy, Kinds of shapes, colors, but also in the above to do some special shape.
Select the door handle, but also pay special attention to the surface of the handle plating process. Good plating process, you need to go through 8 layers of polishing and 12-layer plating process to ensure its wear and corrosion. Electroplating process is good or bad, good or bad material is to determine the price of the main hall signs.
The second part: Panel
From the panel length and width of the lock is divided into large locks or room locks, so the purchase, the panel is also a very important factor. Door size is not the same size, according to the size of the door selection of the lock hole, before the purchase we have to clear the door thickness of the door is how much the general door thickness is 38-45mm, special door need special door lock processing.
Panel material and thickness is very important, the use of high-quality materials to prevent deformation of the panel, plating process can prevent rust and from the spots.
Part 3: Accessories
Accessories are a lock of organic composition, we all know a truth, thousands of miles of embankment, collapse in the ants. A small accessories will be destroyed a precision machine, the same lock inside a small accessory is also very important.
The key is also a kind of accessories, we sometimes find that the key is rusty, or the key is bent, or unlock, the key broke in a keyhole inside, these conditions just like the material of the key, good key Is a pure copper material, to ensure that the key does not rust deformation due to time, and the unique design can effectively distinguish the other keys, the use of design are more humane, to prevent hand slip function!
PART IV: Cylinder
Cylinder is the main part of the control lock open, is the heart of the lock, referring to the key to supporting and can rotate and drive the core of the bolt movement, generally divided into large gourds, small gourds, false gourd, angle spoon, .
Lock core material and process a great impact on the lock, core lock cylinder generally use the marbles structure, the more marbles the more anti-theft, the front of a marbles and the last of a marbles is Kai Positioning the role of the middle of the marbles when the code with the middle of the more marbles, the lower the rate of mutual opening.
Part 5: Lock body
Lock body is a lock core, is the key part and the core part, generally divided into single tongue lock body and double tongue lock body. The basic structure is: shell, the main pieces, liner, door clasp, plastic box and screw accessories five parts, five parts are not the same material used.
Lock body has a single tongue lock body and the difference between the two-tongue lock body, tongue is generally only one tongue, there are 50 and 1500px two specifications, this size refers to the liner part of the hole to the hole in the hole distance. Double tongue lock body includes oblique tongue and square tongue, good square tongue made of tungsten steel and carbon steel, to prevent the lock body is damaged, anti-theft performance is better, more time-consuming installation. Lock the lock is a functional part of the lock, but also the most critical part of the general lock broken, ten or eight, nine of the lock body to blame.
The use of doors and windows hardware, in our lives is relatively common, so the use of the process, we should pay attention to its durability, so as to make doors and windows hardware use longer. Needs and custom doors and windows, and other hardware to welcome you to Huaxin hardware, so that the use of doors and windows for a longer time, is our responsibility.