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Door and window hardware - the choice of locks?

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  Door lock not only has the effect of retaliation, but also give us a safe, for the doors and windows locks you know how to choose it? Door and window locks to choose the following look at its characteristics, select high-quality locks to make our lives more environmentally friendly. The following look at the choice of hardware and locks doors and windows:

1, to buy a place to use the lock and its importance.
That is considered in the front door, hall doors, rooms, bathrooms or access to use in order to select the appropriate function for the desired product.
2, the use of the environment, conditions and requirements.
Buy locks should consider the use of the pros and cons of the use of the environment, such as dry humidity, door structure, thickness, left or right to open the door, open the door or outside the door to prevent buying the wrong product.
3, consider the coordination with the decorative environment.
Buy locks according to their preferences, product purchase should be considered with their room coordination and matching should be consistent.
4, to consider the status of family members
Buy locks to consider whether the elderly at home, children or people with disabilities, choose to facilitate his (her) use of the product.
5, consider the affordability
Combined with the family economic situation, the economy can buy high-end products, the economy is less desirable to choose the lower grade products, but buy a lock Note that regardless of choice of high-grade or low-end products, manufacturers have to consider whether the strength of solid, Stability, it is recommended to choose a fairly well-known enterprises of the product, to avoid the loss of money and to bring unnecessary trouble and troubles in daily life.
6, to buy the lock to consider the credibility of dealers and service standards.
Doors and windows to buy is more in need of maintenance, then for the maintenance of doors and windows locks you know? Here to see the door and window shift lock maintenance. So you have an environmentally friendly lock you understand? Here to see how the maintenance of locks:
1. When installing the door lock to pay special attention: only with the end of the insurance removed, in order to install, do not take the key side of the demolition of the installation, the best carefully read the instructions.
2. Do not drop oil to lock the heart, if the key is not flexible to open, you can go to the keyhole with some pencil core chip.
3. If you accidentally rotate the 90 degrees insured housing that become permanent insurance, so only use the key to open. Just turn insurance 90 degrees counterclockwise to recover.
4. Do not wipe the lock body and handle with a damp cloth to avoid rust.
5. Close the door when the best holding hands to lock the tongue screw into the lock body, close the door and then let go, do not force hit the door, otherwise it will reduce the life of the lock.
Door and window hardware locks, you are not aware of the doors and windows, and its accessories are related to life, so in the selection and use of the process, we should pay attention to the windows and doors locks maintenance and choice. Needs and custom doors and windows and other welcome to Huaxin hardware, my company specializes in doors and windows hardware. Door and window life for a more protection.