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Door and window hardware accessories anti-damage and mainten

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  In the unusual experience of oil window hardware accessories such as improper selection or convalescence and other environmental damage reasons, some hardware accessories can occur, so we use how to prevent environmental damage during the review process?

Door and window hardware damage is usually manifested as: door hardware and the company loose, loose, pulley, sliding hinge damage, the opening and closing ceremonies are not moving. Caused by the hardware damage reasons: improper hardware selection, poor quality; fastening without metal liner, not enough local power.
To prevent the pace of damage Hardware accessories:
1. Door and window hardware to carefully adjust the placement and maintenance, so as to prevent the metal parts rust and decay and life when it is usually used to turn off the light, ready to practice hard and hard.
2. Hardware accessories should be the last place, door and window locks, handles and so on should be assembled into the window door to ensure accurate and switch maneuvering.
3. Select the hardware accessories model, specifications and performance should be consistent with the country's current salary and the establishment of the National Housing steel doors and windows.
Door and window hardware maintenance:
1, stainless steel handle and other "metal" can be light cleaning agent, wipe, can increase the light.
2, hinges, crane wheels, casters and other sports activities, because a long time may reduce the performance due to adhesion of dust, a drop of oil around every six months remained stable.
3, with particular attention to deal with rotating the direction of painting, to avoid the use of try. Especially for children and not swinging on the doorknob, can easily lead to dangerous and possible internal injuries.
4, when the lock rotation is not flexible enough, scraping a small amount of black powder in the pencil, locking hole blowing. This is because the graphite composition is a good solid lubricant. Do not fall into the oil because it will more easily adhere to dust.
Modern building windows are not limited to the level of manpower available, from the exhaust ventilation requirements, the height of the window is to determine the efficiency of exhaust ventilation important factor, so people invented a variety of windows and doors and windows hardware accessories current situation The window form should then be flat or turned, and the window fitting includes a shaft or hinge to allow the window to be opened and a device such as a latch for closing the window. The use of doors and windows hardware is in line with the needs of modern people, for doors and windows hardware needs and custom, and so welcome to our company, my company specializes in doors and windows hardware.

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