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Home decoration hardware accessories how to choose?

Article Source:en.qlhxwj.com   Author:Huaxin editor   release time:2016-11-24 11:58   Views:

  Home decoration in our life use more, then for home decoration hardware accessories how to choose, home decoration hardware accessories directly related to the service life. Then the choice of home decoration hardware accessories Let's take a look at:

Construction hardware accessories account for about 3% -5% of the cost of home improvement, the proportion is small, but can not be ignored. It uses functions divided into ordinary and special categories. Common building hardware accessories divided by locks, hinges, rails, handles, hanging wheels, nails, board care, door suction, hook, touch beads, touch cards, board pins. Special hardware bathroom hardware is divided into categories and kitchen pendant category. I only introduce common categories, special categories.
1, features: ① nails are the most common nails, no special tools, mainly for manual nail some wooden shelves and so on. ② cement nail no special tools, mainly in the nail hand-cement wall. ③ special nail line, mainly used for baseboard nails, screw structure is not easy to loose.
2, choice: the largest amount of gas nails. Gas nail according to disk to sell, select the main arrangement to see whether the neat, the length of the same. Note that, because the number of nails per box more, and some of the actual number of nails less than the nominal number.
Hanging wheel
1, Features: hanging round for the balcony, kitchen, restaurant sliding doors, import and domestic hanging wheel hanging round. Most imported bearings just hanging round, the other parts are made in China.
2, select: import hanging wheel because the use of imported bearings, mainly ultra-quiet life in 15-20 years, 80 yuan price. In contrast, the sound slightly larger domestic hanging wheel, with a life of about 5-10 years, with the top side of the wheel cover and the price of about $ 45 round, not with the top of the wheel and wheel to 20 yuan price. When the consumer chooses the hanging wheel, you can put a glass case on the wheel table and keep the hand sliding back and forth, try a few samples, choose the feel good, no noise.
Through the above understanding, you know home decoration hardware accessories you know how to choose, and need hardware accessories such as welcome to my company, our company to provide you with quality service. Let you know more information.