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Door and window hardware manufacturers - doors and windows h

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  As more and more people living standards of furniture are increasingly demanding, but for the good and bad hinge of the material directly affect its service life. So for the door and window hardware hinge material you choose right? Door and window hardware manufacturers - doors and windows hinge materials.

In the market, most poor quality hinges are made of iron for the material, the thickness of less than 3 mm, the general surface are relatively rough, uneven coating, there are impurities, and some different lengths, hole, pitch and other deviations, not Meet the decoration requirements. Moreover, the common hinge of the shortcomings of the function is not a spring hinge, hinge must be installed after the installation of a variety of touch beads, otherwise it will blow the door.
Quality hinges are made of 304 stainless steel, a full thickness of 3 mm. Color uniform, fine processing, weigh in the hand can obviously feel heavier, thick, hinges flip flexible, there is no "stagnation" of the phenomenon, feel fine, no edge edge. These are from the hinge of the appearance and texture to distinguish the quality of the difference, we from the hinge of the internal terms of the pros and cons of the difference.
Hinge is the core bearing, smoothness, comfort and durability are determined by the bearing. Poor hinge bearing is made of metal, not durable, easy rust death, lack of friction, so a long time the door will be issued, "creak" sound. The quality of the hinge bearings are stainless steel, and with precision steel ball, the real ball bearing, load and feel have reached international standards.
Protection of the open door flexibility, smooth degree, mainly silent.
Therefore, the choice of doors and windows hardware we must pay attention to door and window hinge materials. Then the doors and windows for the hardware you should understand it! And the need and custom doors and windows, etc., welcome to my company, my company is specialized in doors, windows and doors and windows hardware manufacturers.