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Door and window hardware accessories is not "five kinds

Article Source:en.qlhxwj.com   Author:Huaxin editor   release time:2016-11-24 12:30   Views:

 Door and window hardware to many people the impression that there are five parts assembly, in fact, doors and windows hardware accessories only doors and windows of a call, do not mistakenly believe that only five components.

1, the hinge
Ordinary hinges: for cabinet doors, windows, doors and so on. Materials are iron, copper and stainless steel. General hinge shortcomings do not have the function of spring hinges, hinges must be installed after the installation of a variety of touch beads, or the wind will blow the door.
Pipe Hinge: also known as the spring hinge. Mainly used for furniture door connection, it generally requires a plate thickness of 16 to 20 mm. Material galvanized iron, zinc alloy. Spring hinge with adjustment screw, you can up and down, left and right adjustment plate height, thickness. It is one of the features is based on space, with the door opening angle. In addition to the general 90-degree angle, 127 degrees, 144 degrees, 165 degrees and so have the appropriate hinge match, so that a variety of doors have a corresponding degree of stretch.
Door hinge: It is divided into ordinary type and bearing type, common type has been mentioned before. Bearing type from the material can be divided into copper, stainless steel. From the current consumption situation, the choice of copper bearing hinges more, because of its beautiful style, bright, affordable, and equipped with screws. Other hinges: a glass hinge, table hinges, hinges hinges. Glass hinges for the installation of frameless glass cabinet door, the glass thickness of not more than 5 to 6 mm.
2, hinges
Clear hinges and dark hinges, hinge is that we usually see most of the door used to the kind, no doors and windows have the resilience of the metal. Dark hinges are mostly used in furniture, can be divided into hydraulic, fast loading, frame doors and ordinary.
3, track: sliding door track, hanging wheel, glass pulley
4, the bolt (bright, dark)
5, the door is installed in the door behind the door, after the door is opened, the magnetic stability through the door to live, to prevent the wind will automatically shut down
6, to smoke
7, the door clip
8, behind closed doors
9, the pressure of (copper, aluminum, pvc)
10, the door mirror
Common name is the cat's eye, its role is from the interior through the door mirror to see, can see outside the field of view angle of about 120 degrees within the scope of all the scenes from the door through the door mirror but can not see anything in the room. If the door in the public housing or private apartments, etc., fitted with this mirror, for the security of the family and security, can play a role. Is an indispensable tool for existing families.
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