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Door and window hardware technology

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1, the production process
Quality door and window hardware surface is smooth, smooth, no holes, glitches, defects and other phenomena, especially in the details of the process of sophisticated. This high-quality hardware and more products forging large forging is not unrelated, high-strength mechanical strength so that the density of the material becomes extremely high, and then after dozens of precision machine tool polishing process to make the product as bright as the mirror Extraordinary effect.
In contrast, poor doors and windows hardware products as a result of the use of small die-casting machine and simple lathe processing production, the general structure of loose, visual inspection that can be found on the surface of the pores, silks, cracks and rugged phenomenon.
2, electroplating process Quality door and window hardware products are often bright uniform coating, natural color, density, coating with a solid visual sense. The door hardware products with poor quality of its coating shiny, thin layer of the short term is extremely easy to rust, wear, peeling, blistering.