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Hardware to be "three"

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Door and window hardware is installed in the building windows and doors of various metals and non-metallic fittings collectively. In the doors and windows when opening and closing play a supporting role. The surface is generally plated or coated with a rugged, durable, flexible, economical, beautiful and so on. Hinges, door closers, handles, latches, window hooks, anti-Daolian, sensors, such as open and close the door device, and so on, can be divided into building door locks, handle, retaining block, hinges, hinges, doors and windows hardware.
Quality upscale
In the quality of high-end, the number of major international manufacturers of products is particularly prominent. In contrast, although the domestic manufacturers have not yet with the famous enterprises, but after tempering the market, the state some manufacturers of products, but also showing signs of increasingly high-end.
Product art
Door and window hardware, is the handle, hinge, latches and other products. After years of development, manufacturers based on consumer preferences to design, and now the appearance of these small objects has also been a big change. For example, an increase in the appearance of the product, the product more ornamental. In addition, there are some copper door decoration manufacturers, more prominent in the art of products.
Design diversification
In order to meet the needs of art products, the manufacturers around the world are all in the product design under the foot of the effort, the formation of a diversified product style of the phenomenon. Compared with the European manufacturers of products, domestic manufacturers are more like a combination of Chinese and Western. There are a number of domestic enterprises will be flowers, cartoons, dragon and phoenix, blessing word and other auspicious patterns applied to the product, the product has an extremely strong personality.