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Doors and windows hardware maintenance Cheats Home Maintenan

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Consumers on the merits of the lack of doors and windows hardware ability to judge, but also the lack of adequate knowledge. However, hardware and accessories in the entire door and window material occupies an important position, it will directly affect the doors and windows
Of the integrated quality of the normal use of windows and doors and the use of 'life' have a great impact. Due to the size of doors and windows, doors and windows designed to install whether it is particularly important.
From the designer to the final site measurement to determine the final plan, not only to consider the overall style of its shape, but also to pay attention to the rationality of the layout, every small part can not be ignored.
  With the development of society, for the hardware industry, the doors and windows hardware product design changes more and more. In the market can see the hardware, the variety is very rich. Every year, come
Since the rest of the world's professional hardware manufacturers will strive to design their own products. In the product tends to homogenization of today, the strength of the manufacturers with advanced technology for the product design of the more people
Of the function, look more stylish, so that it is closely linked with the changes in home style.
Stainless steel handle and stainless steel Other "hardware" can be used brightener wipe, can add light.
        Hinge, hanging wheels, casters and other moving parts in the long campaign may be due to the adhesion of dust and reduce performance, every six months or so points, one or two drops of lubricants can maintain its
        Special attention should be paid to the direction of rotation handle stretching, avoid death force. Especially to educate children, do not hang in the door handle on the swing, both prone to danger and may be on the inner door
Causing damage.
        In addition, the doors and windows hardware lock core rotation is not flexible enough, from the pencil core scraped a small amount of black powder, light blown into the keyhole. This is because the graphite component is a good solid lubricant
Slip agent. Do not drip lubricants, because it will be more likely to adhere to dust.